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Amdo, Kham, U , Tsang, or Ngari ?
Which of these 5 Tibetan areas do you want to visit?

Amdo in the north east is famous for its grasslands and yaks and rich nomad traditions, Kham in the east and south-east for its fierce warriors and their competitive horsemanship. Tsang out to Ngari in the far west features remote and ethereal highland deserts rimmed by spectacular mountains (think Mt Kailash where the Tibetan world was created), whilst U centered on Lhasa is the spiritual as well as geographical heart of Tibet where the Yarlong Kings first brought buddhism to the palaces and monasteries of this fertile river valley.

WE are currently sourcing a map that will beautifully illustrate all this and will help you pick your perfect trip. In the meantime email us to join a trip that may already be running or to create your own.

Om mani padme hum,

Bless the jewel that is in the lotus ...and give us patience as we wait for our web designers
to link these pages to itineraries rich in images and description of the wild and nomadic regions we plan to take you through.

In the meantime please send us an email about where you would like to go and what style of tour you would like.

We specialize in Kham, as this is where we are based, though we are experienced operators covering all of the Tibetan areas.
Kham is simply an undiscovered gem - the jewel in the lotus - and least touristy part of Tibet rich with traditional festivals and many of Tibet's most important holy mountains.

There's Litang Horse festival, a must for anyone who is travelling in the region in August, or Minyak Gangkar, and Amnye Machen , two of our favourite pilgrim-treks. Then there is the newly opened southern route to Lhasa, and... drum roll...a photography tour co-led by our photographer web designer Bruce Foreman tabbed for this September.

WE go places other travel companies haven't even heard of.

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as your first step into an incredible journey.

Gonpo and Tsebho.

Photos by Tsebho, web site by www.photoswithanedge.com

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Just to give you some ideas, our favourites (links arriving soon) are:

Amdo- Kham Nomadic Trail.

Amnye Machen Holy Mountain Pilgrimage

Genyen Holy Mountain Trek

Gyalthang-Yubeng Road Trip

Kawa Karpo Holy Mountain Pilgrimage

Lijiang to Dechen upper Yangtze and Tiger Leaping Gorge trek.

Minyak Gangkar Holy Mountain trek)

Nididng-Yading Holy Mountain and National Park Trek

Northen Amdo trip Road Trip

Labrang-Repkong Trek

Nyanpo Utse Golok family Homestay

Trans-Chamdo Road Trip

Yunnan-Lhasa Overland Journey


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