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geishaBeer service at VW Kyoto corporate workshop

My name is Bruce Foreman.
Based in  Hong Kong, I specialise in VIP event photography, photo journalism, Tibetan-photography-tours, Street Art, food-shoots such as CNNgo Hong Kong's 2010 best eats, exotic destination weddings, and more.


TedX Happy Valley April 2013 Official photographer.

Radical Resilience Week: Co-curator and exhibitor at the Taihang Radical Resilience week Micro Laneway galleries

Paris Cinema Hong Kong in Focus Events. Photographed Kylie Minnogue at the Opening of Koly Motors, Johnnie To and Yuen Wo Ping conducting master classes on HK film directing and Kung Fu Choreography. Charlotte Rampling, Kara Wai, Juliet Binoche and  a party inside the awesome Hotel de Ville.

Photographed in Tibet,  created in Hong kong and appified in Beijing Poetic Universe the prayer wheel is now available on iTunes here.

Big grand corporate events are a favourite. Photoswithanedge spent 4 days photographing Volkswagen's senior executives in Kyoto on their annual workshop, junketed from Geisha tea house to Zen meditation onto a temple-hosted cocktail reception, tea ceremony, geisha dressing session, samurai-carved-sashimi-banquet, a taikoo drum mention a few of the exotic backdrops that will be published as a souvenir coffee table book.

If your photo needs require locations such as these, please contact me here

Hong Kong wedding.

Phone: +852 95784162 (Hong Kong) +61 (0)2 94514272
+61 423730414 (in Australia till March 22nd)


"Sichuan" a fundraiser for those affected by the May 12th earthquake. Chu's Gallery, #1 Hollywood Road Hong Kong. 11th June 6pm.

Photos from the opening reception and "tea and travel talk" afternoons now being held each weekend after 12pm to extend the life of exhibition and fundraiser.


Eat Streets

Travel Portraits

Phone: +852 95784162 (HK)
Phone: +61423730414 (Australia)

Isabelle Huppert
Isabelle Huppert, Peninsular Hotel, HKIFF dinner.
Agnes B & Director Johnnie To
Catherine Deneuve with Director Wong KarWai
Paris Cinema Official Photographer for Hong Kong in Focus.
Grace HUang Lost for words

Studio Strada Lost for Words Unit Photography


house of danceing water CNN Franco Dragone's House of Dancing Water Macau
Seediq bale stars

'Seediq Bale': Taiwan's biggest movie sparks indigenous tourism

ted x wanchai

TedX Wanchai -2011

best eats dim sum CNN HK Best Eats (47 restauarnts - photographs) and co-writing credit.
volkswagen geisha

Volkswagen Group China Corporate Workshop 2010 (password protected)

poetic universe spinning prayer wheel logo Poetic Universe iPhone photograph application. 365 Tibetan images matched to wisdom quotes and compressed into an iPhone prayer wheel.
hungry ghost Preparing To Entertain Hong Kong's Hungry Ghosts - The building of a Ghost Opera for CNN
Classic mattboard wedding album of Jim & Jane Moran's Hong Kong wedding.
jiegu CNN before and After the Jiegu Earthquake Photo Essay

Lung Moon Restaurant- Last look at a legend. Photo essay for CNN

michelle yeoh Asia Film Awards 2009 Red Carpet for the Opening Ceremony and Ashes of Times Redux Premiere.

scope stairs handrails joinery

Scope-Joinery Stairs and Handrails: Vaucluse (KS), Potts Point (TB), Bayview, Curly , Chatswood, Lindfield, Killara White, Killara Brown, Mosman-Wunda, Mosman-Lennox, Mosman-Prince Albert, Bungan, Vaucluse, Centennial Park, Mosman Raglan,Bits

wedding photographer  photos with an edge sydney and hong kong Weddings - Fenina and Robert Cooper at their Nielson Park wedding shot in a mix of traditonal and photojournalistic style.
SRIbuddhaZENography - Discovering the authentic self in a portrait shoot using SRI, meditation and music.
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donald tsang

Sir Donald Tsang at the Golden Compass Film Premier Gala Charity Event. (password required)

Photography Tours - Shaxi, Yunnan, China.Get friendly with the locals and photograph gorgeous Asian landscapes, markets, and villages. Next tour in Japan.

Chinese Opera Performance photos donated to illustrate a report on the revitalisation of the San Francisco Chinatown Nightmarket revitalisation project.

Mountains: Everest, Kailash & Gongga, sacred mountains featured in Extreme Photography, a talk by Juliet Coombes at Intrepid Travels UK shop.

Mia Farrow in Hong Kong for Darfur: Press Confernece at the Foreign Correspondents Club.

The Silk Road: Photos from Kashgar and Karakul forWorld Expeditions for brochure consideration.
jet li Asian Film Awards 2008, HK

Aerial shots of Sydney's Northern Beaches from the Red Baron for Greg.HTML or Flash

Sorry Day - Canberra - 13 Feb 2008 submitted for consideration to the Australian National Library for historical archiving.
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Tibetan Nomad Tours: design, web copy and art by Bruce Foreman using clients own photos.


Hong Kong Harbour Cruise, China Club Banquet and Golden Compass Premiere Gala Evening


Elizabeth Marvelly JPEGS from Michelle Ong Cheung's Golden Compass Hong Kong Premiere Gala Evening


1.Boat and China Club (password protected)

2. Golden Compass Hong Kong premiere Gala Evening (password protected)

Hutong Launch

Yangshuo Cooking School
+852 9578 4162

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